Collaboration with Bethany Edgoose, Dave Jonas and Marielle Velander


In the 21st century, we increasingly understand our world in terms of flows. People, information, and money are flowing across borders with rising speed and intensity, transforming our world into a networked society. Flows of migrants create multicultural workforces, flows of information let us communicate across vast distances, and flows of money lock previously distinct economies together in webs of interdependence. These flows have been emerging across centuries. However the proliferation of digital technologies has vastly accelerated the growth of international connections. This proposal suggests a solution at the convergence of these flows, in which return migrants are global entrepreneurs capable of capitalizing on flows of money and technology developments in order to support both themselves and their globalized communities.

Watch the proposal presentation above. 

Vital Networks is a global system of international telemedicine that transforms return migrant health workers into conduits of health knowledge and money for the development of their home communities. The scheme allows migrant health workers who have practiced in OECD countries to return home and work physically in their own communities while offering a suite of new e-health services to patients back in their host country. Vital health workers are already licensed to practice in their host countries, fluent in the dominant language, and experienced with the host country’s healthcare system. Many Vital providers can even continue to care for patients who were on their books in OECD country clinics. While simultaneously earning income from providing Vital services, return migrant health workers can practice in the national health system and use their enhanced capital and experience to establish private practices or teach in medical degree programs. The supplementary income earned from providing Vital services could provide resources and a standard of living comparable to that enjoyed by migrants and their families when they worked abroad.